I'm Will, a fourth year PhD student in mathematics at Stony Brook University, NY. I specialise in the study of holomorphic dynamics, mostly through conformal geometry, quasiconformal theory, and renormalization. My advisor is Dzmitry Dudko.

I was born and raised in the tropics of Indonesia, more precisely Jakarta, the big durian and unfortunately the fastest sinking city in the world. The teenage me grew up in the little red dot of Singapore and then I moved out to London, UK, where I spent my college/uni years. I earned my MSci degree in pure mathematics from Imperial College London in 2019. [Yes, I'm one of those people with no bachelors...]

On the teaching section, you may find resources on courses I am currently teaching and have previously taught. Papers and various graduate to research level mathematical stuff can be found on research and vita. I also made a blog section to help myself transition from undergraduate level math. I aim to post regular content on mathematical ramblings I find fascinating. All images, videos and gifs are my own unless otherwise stated.

Any comments, feedback, and questions are welcome! You may contact me via:

email: willie.lim@stonybrook.edu